City of Joensuu - Youth service center, Ohjaamo 2.0-project

In a nutshell


Joensuu's Youth service centers Ohjaamo 2.0-project (website)


Anonymous data collector


Project needed an easy way to log data about users of the service


Browser based system

1. Phone rings

Contact was established when project cordinator called Kooders. Spreadsheet document to collect visitor info was requested. Spreadsheet had to save data and output reports with selected filters. Same spreadsheet would be used by all the workers in the project.

2. Project begins

During the spesification phase it was clear that spreadsheet wouldn't be the best suite for the problem at hand. Data should be able to be moved within the organization to different workstations and all data should be centralized.

Spreadsheet file started to seem too stiff for the problem at hand so a counter proposal was given for the same task: Lets create a browser based system.

3. Lets code

Software development was started during the summer of 2016. With new spesifications in mind we started with the basics: How should the system be used? Top consern was to make it simple: No extra functionalities but one form that's used to add the data. The data should be viewable numerically and in graphs and these dashboards should be filterable.

First a minimalistic prototype was created to establish that the direction was right and would serve the end user.

4. The use begins

When the direction was confirmed to be correct started the summer vacation season and most of people started their vacations. The project was worked on by Kooders during the summer according to plan. When everybody came back refreshed the software entered beta state. System was tested for a month and during this time feedback was collected by end users.

After the testing period the last changes were made and system is now in use with full throttle!