Innovation voucher

Do you have an idea to improve your business? Tekes offers innovation vouchers that give you up to 5000€ worth of business development!

Now is the perfect time to put your innovation to the test! Who wouldn't like fast and free development aid?

Kooders is a Tekes approved service provider.

  • You want a prototype for testing
  • Company needs outside expertise
  • The product or service has international potential and a plan.
  • With innovation voucher you can get e.g:
    • System prototype
    • System to help everyday work (booking, ERP, CRM...)
    • Expanded consultation for the company needs
    • Digitization of business
For whom
  • Ltd, Ky, open company
  • There is no tax liability
  • No ongoing Tekes project
  • Applying company has Asiakastieto Alfa-rating of atleast A+ level.
  • More information here
  • The company that used the innovation voucher report to Tekes one week after the conclusion of the project
  • Kooders sends an invoice to Tekes which is up to 5000€ + vat. 24%
  • If the customer doesn't do their part during the one week window, Kooders will invoice the customer directly.
  • If the price of the service is greater than 5000€ Kooders will bill the difference from the company that used the innovation voucher

How to get started?

Contact us and lets book a meeting and discuss how we can help your everyday business with IT-solutions!