Joensuu Entrepreneurship Society ry

In a nutshell


Joensuu Entrepreneurship Society ry (website)


Working and responsive website for the association


Previous website was hard to update and it didn't work on mobile. It wasn't in line with the current look


Concrete5 based website

1. Meeting at Science Park

Miikka first heard of JoensuuES in a networking event at Joensuu Science Park.

Kooders has always been a fan of entrepreneurship and sharing of up-to-date information about it. In Joensuu this is done by JoensuuES. The association has had a long-term problem with getting their name seen. Especially with people understanding what the association is about.

A new website was clearly required.

2. Be present online

JoensuuES was an interesting cooperation partner. They organize a lot of events about entrepreneurship. Mostly the announcements are done via JoensuuES Facebook page, but general information about the association was hard to find and the previous website didn't help.

3. Directly to work

Proposal for renewal of the website did not require much persuasion. Former site did not work and were not up to date because of the difficulty of the updating process. The association had extensive graphic materials that were utilized for the basis of the new websites art style.

4. Cooperation continues

Preliminary plans for future cooperation have been made. One event being the JoensuuES Polku entrepreneurship week. We hope that the new site will inform people about their important work so we get many more entrepreneurs to Joensuu!