Our Story

Idea is born

Idea of the company started in the year 2012 when Karelia University of Applied Sciences Software Engineering student Miikka Kostian was building websites as a hobby. Later even companies started to ask for sites and an easier way was requested for payments besides tax card. This gave the idea to start a one person company to help with the payments. The company needed a name and the only requirements were that it had to consist of one word and reflect what the company does.

The journey of the company begins

In the year 2013 a software company Kooders was born with the sole objective to offer tailored solutions for small- and medium companies everyday business actions. We started in Joensuus Finnish Red Cross-house with the founder and trainees. Website projects started to require more and more functionalities until they started to upgrade from websites to full blown systems. Handling large wholes became familiar doing larger website projects and the natural continuum of this was to start doing systems to run in browsers.

Location changes

Information about a new corporate oasis came to our ears in the November of 2014 that was being founded by Geneesi entrepeneur Tarja Turunen. The office space offered a room and the possibility to join the community was taken without hesitation. Kooders started in the office space named Gartano on it's 1-year-anniversary. At start Gartano had Kooders and Geneesi with three psychotherapists.

Intersectoral collaboration

When working in the common office space Miikka and Tarja started to talk about how IT-solutions could help therapy work. This led to ELY-centre assisted therapy CRM and ERP: Terapiapilvi (Therapy Cloud).

At the beginning of 2015 a set of hands came to help in Gartano with programming and graphics. Juuso Perttilahti - Entrepeneur of Junisoft. The company worked in Gartano during 2015 mostly working with the Therapy Cloud.

Cooperation intensifies

During the Therapy Cloud project it was clear that the cooperation has its downsides when working as two seperate trading names in a common project. Tarja had a strong desire to improve its actions while doing intersectoral collaboration and Miikka had even stronger desire to do more tools for different fields to help the every day business.

There was a vision of a new company that would focus on making every day business easier with even larger scope. May 2016 Kooders joined as part of Gartano Oy where Miikka continues as CEO.

Companys activities have gotten to a larger scale from the hobby websites and the story still continues.