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HNT-Innovations (website)


Content creators promotion portal


It is hard to get coverage as a starting content creator. For this customer wanted a change


Browser based content creators portal

1. "We have an idea"

Project was started at the beginning of the year 2015 when info of an entrepreneurial duo emerged. They wanted to create something technical but lacked the code know-how. Kooders immediately liked the idea of enthusiastic visionaries

A meeting was scheduled.

2. Low threshold visibility

The main idea was to create a portal where content creators could easilly gain attention from multiple platforms. User could create videos, pictures or live stream over the web.

Currently services allow users to advertise within the site the content is in. This didn't encourage any cross-platform surfing.

Youtube, Twitch and Deviantart - the big three in content creation - are the most important platforms of Ramazo.

3. Modular design is the key

Even though the required platforms were clear from the start Kooders had one key requirement for the platform: Ramazo should be able to add and remove platforms if needed. This happened earlier than expected because in the mid-2015 a new service was launched: Periscope.

The problems that Ramazo was solving were even more apparent with Periscope since it didn't have any kind of own promotion possibility.

Modularity got to the during the first test version and now Periscope is part of Ramazos supply.

4. The doors open

System was launched to beta in the summer of 2016. Whether you are a content creator or a person who likes entertaining content, welcome aboard!