Tailored systems

Compared to traditional software companies we are a bit exceptional. Instead of ready-made products our main focus is on customer tailored open-source solutions. When designing software the customer is always in the middle and often part of the design team. During the project we often have meetings about the functionalities under development and this way we avoid using resources to where they're not needed because we're getting feedback during the project instead of the finish line.

Multiple technologies

Our solutions use different platforms and work across other platforms aswell. For our own office we've developed info screen that updates info from the booking system developed by us. Information about the public events is dispayed in Gartano home page. Every office room has a door screen which can be updated via mobile phone. This way it's easier to inform rest of the workers about sick days etc.

FM Timber Team Oy needed a lightweight solution to monitor computers. For this need we created data collector that sends the info to the servers. Web UI then provides users about statistics and resources used by the PC.

City of Joensuu - Youth service center, Ohjaamo 2.0-project needed a solution for collecting anonymous statistics. To help their work we created a tailored anonymous data collector.

How could we help your everyday business?

Often workplaces have everyday actions that many wouldn't even think could be made easier with IT-solutions.

Contact us and book your own free consultation time. Lets check how things are done currently what could be made easier.