Terapiapilvi (Therapy Cloud) - Therapy and Welfare ERP

In a nutshell


Geneesi (website)


Easier alternative for paper calendars and notebooks


It was time to move to digital time


Browser based CRM and ERP

1. Throwing away the paper calendars

When Kooders moved to Gartano at the end of 2014 there was chatting in the lunch room with Geneesi entrepreneur Tarja Turunen about digitizing therapy work. Geneesi had hired a secretary and paper calendars were hard to keep up to date in two palces.

2. More than a calendar

When the conversations went on ideas started to sprout about a larger whole: Why settle for just a calendar? The final whole was a larger but defined. The environment should be able to keep track of customers and customer related documents and info. For the therapist a personal calendar where the markings on the calendar are tied to a customer. The organizations document templates could also be saved in the cloud. System would print out monthly reports for billing.

3. Centralized development

Project scale became so large that it was decided upon to get support. Project "Geneesi Helper" gained ELY-financing.

System development was like dancing with quick meetings and chats because the end user and developers worked in the same office space. Product was developed during the year 2015 and at the end of the year the system saw the daylight.

4. United road ahead

During the project it was noted that the cooperation worked well since both the entrepreneurs wanted to develop innovation projects. Even the Terapiapilvi development stirred a lot of new ideas for further development of the software and modes of operation in other fields.

Cooperation has led to a joint company. At the beginning of the year 2016 Gartano Oy was founded that later absorbed Kooders and Geneesi as euxilary business names.