In a nutshell


Valokäpälä (website)


Responsive website for the company


Old sites didn't work in mobile and updating was hard


Concrete5 based website

1. Making content updating easier

The problems with the old site were clear: Site wasn't responsive and there was no content management system which meant that updating requried coding.

These were the primary problems we headed out to solve. Site should be easy to update and they should work on mobile.

2. Respecting the original look

Valokäpälä had marketing materials that the entrepreneur liked. Layout was designed with the help of the original brochure. Background was desired to be night sky, content on a light background and header text should be on a soft cursive font

3. Website isn't the end of collaboration

Kooders has tried Valokäpäläs services and liked them a alot. This is why in April of 2017 Valokäpälä will come to Gartano to do treatments! If you're around Joensuu go and check out Gartano event calendar for detailed dates and information on how to reserve your treatment!